streamR Requirements

As with any promotion, there are some requirements streamRs must follow:

Required graphics

streamRs must ensure their streamR Badge is displayed at all times while streaming.
Download your required streamR Badge.

We have created other Run It Once graphics that you can choose to use in your stream and/or Twitch profile page.
Download Run It Once graphics.

streamR Level Milestones

The following table shows the milestones to reach for each streamR level:

Milestone watch requirements, per streamR level.

Videos on demand

streamRs must make their videos on demand (VODs) available to our team.

Active webcam

streamRs must have a webcam featured at all times while streaming.

Minimum stream time

Every month streamRs are required to feature Run It Once Poker gameplay on stream. The following table shows the minimum required stream time that streamRs must feature Run It Once Poker gameplay. For non-UK streamRs, half of these hours must be dedicated to streams featuring Only Run It Once Poker tables.

Report within 7 days

streamRs must report the number of hours streamed on a weekly basis, along with the type of stream (A mix of RIO tables and other poker sites, Exclusively RIOP tables or just with your streamR badge). View our reporting guide

Check out our streamR Terms and Conditions.

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