Splash the Pot

Splash the Pot is our unique rewards system that drops money directly on to your cash game table. In addition to Splash the Pot, we also have offer weekly cash rewards via our Legends program. 

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How It Works

Using our Random Number Generator (RNG), a hand is selected at random to be “splashed”. We then use the RNG again to choose a reward of up to 1000 big blinds that will be added (or “splashed”) into the pot as an ante for that hand.

Big Splash

Everyone’s a winner in our new Big Splash! Anytime 100 big blinds or more are splashed, it triggers a Big Splash, where an “all-in flip” occurs, and players do not risk a cent to win the Big Splash! The winner of a Big Splash will earn 70% of the splash, and the rest of the players dealt in the hand will evenly split the remaining 30%!

For example, if four players playing €100NL and receive a 100 big blind Big Splash, the winner of the hand would receive €70, and the other three players dealt in the hand would each receive €10.

How much is being splashed?

Overall on Run It Once Poker, we have set 30% of all rake taken to be given back to players through Splash The Pot. Due to the random nature of splash the pot, some players may be exposed to more or less rewards than others in the short term, but this will even out over time.

Is there a rakeback system?

Yes! Our Legends program, offers players an additional 10% – 45% of rakeback every week! As players progress through the ranks, they unlock higher weekly cash rewards!

In addition to our Legends program,  you can earn additional rewards through our first deposit bonus and/or joining our StreamR live streaming program.

How exactly is a splash calculated?

The likelihood of a pot being splashed is based on several factors

  • The amount of rake collected in the previous hand.
  • The Rake Return Percentage. The total share of rake we give back to players through Splash the Pot, 30%.
  • Average Splash Size. This is dependent on what Splash The Pot is currently set to. We will be constantly monitoring and adjusting Splash The Pot frequencies and sizes to keep the experience fun for all players.The exact formula is:
    Likelihood of a splash = (Rake Return Percentage * Previous hand Rake in Big Blinds) / (Average size of a splash).