Game Integrity Policy

The integrity of our poker games is of the utmost importance at Run It Once Poker. If the game is not fair, the poker dream we believe in would not be possible.

The Shuffle (RNG)

The first step to ensure our games are fair is to shuffle and deal the cards fairly. We use a true random number generator (detailed below) to produce random numbers for use in a Fisher-Yates Shuffle algorithm in order to shuffle and set the deck every hand before the cards are dealt. This ensures that the deck order is completely random and unpredictable.

It is known that any pure software implementation of a random number generator (RNG) is not going to be truly random. That is why Run It Once Poker uses a hardware RNG known as Quantis. This method uses quantum physics to produce a truly random number for use in our shuffle algorithm. This method has been verified and tested to be truly random by a third party.


For security reasons, each player is allowed only one account. Having more than one account is not permitted.

In addition, it is not allowed to close an account to open a new one.

Suspect someone is multi-accounting?

Please send an email to [email protected] with as much information as possible and we will investigate accordingly. All necessary action will be taken should we find that the accounts belong to the same person.

Third-Party Software

Here at Run It Once Poker, we believe that poker is at its core, a game of fun, and a game of skill. We believe that, if you play your cards right, you should be able to make money playing. Equally, we believe if you put in the mental effort and study to improve at poker, we, as a poker operator, should embrace that.

However, as poker (particularly online) has exploded in popularity over the past decades, so too have the tools players have at their disposal to improve their game. Although we love this pursuit of improvement, we feel that some of these tools overstep the mark when used during gameplay, and provide an unfair advantage. With certain tools facilitating collusion, predatory behaviour, and in some cases, outright cheating.

No player should feel hunted, targeted, or cheated playing on Run It Once Poker. So we have made every effort, both in the design of our software and through various detection mechanisms to allow for fair competition for all players.

Banned Software

To protect our players and the integrity of our games the following pieces of software are not allowed to be used while playing on Run It Once Poker:

  1. Any bot, helper, chart, or solver that either automates game-play or provides recommendations on which gameplay actions to take, based on the current state of the hand.
  2. Any software that detects the current state of a hand and provides information on gameplay or player-related statistics. For example heads-up displays of player statistics, pot odds, stack-to-BB converters, or card-hiders.
  3. Software that goes beyond simple equity calculations between hand ranges.
  4. Any software that would contravene the anonymity of tables or players on Run It Once Poker.

Allowed Software

We do allow some poker-related tools to be used during gameplay on Run It Once Poker. These include:

  1. Tracking software for the purpose of analysing results of your own hands at the tables provided this is not done in real-time (our hand histories can be retrieved for this purpose 12 hours after the hand has been played).
  2. Simple equity calculators. (e.g. equilab, pokerstove)
  3. Simple visualisations, charts to aid memory of certain hand ranges for common situations, provided they do not detect the current game state.
  4. Softwares to make gameplay on the site easier, that may detect the stage of a hand (i.e. pre-flop, on the flop, etc.), but that do not detect betting action, player stack sizes, or the values of community/hole cards. Examples include: Window managers, automatic table registration, hotkey programs etc.

There are various non-poker related softwares that exist that could contravene our policies. For example, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) could be used for general privacy, but it could also be used to hide your location in order to play from a restricted country.

Whilst we allow such softwares to be used benignly and remain installed whilst playing on Run It Once Poker, using them to contravene any of our policies is strictly forbidden; and we will take detected use of such softwares into consideration during any game integrity related investigations.


The practice relates to players who abuse the use of the “sit out” option at cash game tables.

Run It Once Poker will monitor players who use sit-out to achieve a tactical advantage and reserves the right to take action against such players.

Playing with Friends

You may play at the same table as your friend if you happen to be seated together. Remember, much like at a live cardroom, we assign seats based on availability and balancing the pool of open tables. However, as our tables are anonymous in nature, you will not know if your friend is sitting across from you or not.


Collusion in poker is when two or more people are actively working together, either in games or sharing knowledge, in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

This could be an advantage within the poker game itself, or an advantage as part of a running promotion (for example, colluding with a friend to rake more during a Rake Race/Leaderboards promotion).

To be clear, we allow some coordination of play, such as players organising amongst themselves to start playing at a certain time in order to ensure games are running at a specific stake. But during gameplay, players should not cooperate to gain an edge over other players.

As far as sharing knowledge goes, at Run It Once Poker we’re happy for players to make small exchanges of information. Say, for example, your roommate giving advice on a hand you’re playing, or a chat with a poker coach about how your opponents normally play. But we do not allow any systematic information-sharing about our games through data analysis of hands from many player accounts, or deliberately colluding with one or more players at the same table during gameplay.

We take such actions very seriously at Run It Once Poker and reserve the right to take action against any account we suspect of being involved in collusion. If you suspect any players of collusion, please contact us directly at [email protected]. In the subject heading, please write “Collusion” with the suspected users in question and, if possible, include any relevant hand IDs.