First Deposit Bonus

All you need to do is make your first deposit up to €600 and you will receive our First Deposit Bonus of 100% of the deposited amount. The bonus will be applied to your account automatically.

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How do I get the bonus?

You earn your bonus whilst you play. As you progress through the program, we automatically reward you with bonus increments.

Prize Amounts Rake/Increment
1st €100 €5 €25
2nd €100 €10 €57.10
3rd €100 €10 €66.50
4th €100 €10 €100
5th €100 €10 €100
6th €100 €10 €200

Does the bonus expire?

After your first deposit, unreleased portions of the bonus will expire if you do not play any real money hands for any period of 30 consecutive days.

If you are never inactive in our games for 30 or more consecutive days, the bonus will remain active indefinitely until the whole amount is released.

Does a withdrawal affect my bonus?

Withdrawing does not affect your bonus, any bonus applied prior to the withdrawal will remain active and you can continue releasing it by playing.

How is my Rake calculated?

For the First Deposit Bonus we calculate the rake pad by players via the weighted contributed rakeback method. Players will receive a percentage of rakeback that is in proportion to the amount they contributed throughout the hand. This includes anything from posting a blind to going all-in as a contribution. The more a player contributes, the more rakeback they will be eligible for.