Verifying Your Account

Resident of Great Britain?

Find out more about verification regulations specific to Great Britain.

Due to Anti-Money Laundering legislation which has been enacted in the jurisdictions that we are licensed to operate in, we are now obliged to not only identify our players, but also verify them. By way of this, we may need to verify your name, age, address, source of funds and source of wealth. Please rest assured that Run It Once Poker operates under a strict privacy policy. All documents that are sent to us are handled by trained staff and stored in a secure location.

To ensure that all the records held in our systems are complete and in good order, we reserve the right to ask for additional or clearer documentation in order to fulfil our legal obligations. We ask that documents sent us, fit the requirements for each verification type (see below).

How to send documents

You can send documents to us directly via e-mail: [email protected], or via our Secure Document Upload links which we can send you by email.

Using the Secure Document Upload facility

All you need to do is follow the links next to each document requested in our email to you.

Please make sure that file sizes are no bigger than 5MB. If you need any assistance compressing your file/s to ensure they are not too big, please reach out for some tips and tricks.

What documents are required?

Verifying Your Identity

A valid copy of the below government issued identification documents:

  • Passport (including Diplomatic Passports)
  • Government Issued Identity Card (both sides)
  • Driving License
  • Residence/Work Permit (not temporary or a refugee permit)
View our requirements for sending proof of your identity

Document requirements:

  • The document must be in your name and must match the information on your account. If there is a discrepancy, we will need further explanation.

View our Document Guidelines

Verifying Your Address

We need a photo or a scan of a document received at home, showing Name and Surname, Address, Date of Issue and on the Issuer’s Letterhead:

  • Utility Bill (gas, water, electricity or internet) or letter from Utility Company
  • Bank Statement/ letter
  • Letter from Government Entity/Public/Regional/State Authority
  • Insurance Statement/Letter
  • Bill/Statement/Letter from Hospital or Clinic
  • Council Tax Bill (UK residents only)
  • Certificate of Residence (where applicable)
View our requirements for sending proof of your address

Document requirements:

  • Date of issue cannot exceed 6 months.
  • Your name must clearly be identified as the addressee or one of the addressees of the document.
  • Documents provided must not be generic ‘junk mail’ material such as advertising leaflets, brochures, etc.
  • If you want to use a Bank Statement, it must be printed on the bank’s Letterhead, showing the IBAN/Account Number’s last six digits. All other digits should be covered, to protect your account’s security.

View our Document Guidelines

Verifying Your Payment Method and Source of Funds

During our routine screenings of accounts, we might require information to verify that the deposits are legitimate. This depends on what method you are using to deposit and withdraw in your account. Should the need arise, we would ask for a clear scan or digital photo of one of the following documents to verify your payment method:

  • Bank / credit card – Copy/photo of the front side only. Showing only the first 6 and last 4 digits, for example: “1234 56** **** 7891”
  • E-Wallet – Screenshot of your account details and possibly also of transactions from your E-wallet to Run It Once Poker.
  • Bank Transfer – Copy/photo of recent bank statement on the bank’s letterhead, showing the IBAN/Account Number’s last six (6) digits, and personal details.
  • Pre-Paid Voucher – Copy of paper voucher from your local distributor/reseller where it has been purchased, or screenshot of transaction made from the app.
View our requirements for sending proof of your payment method/funds

Document requirements:

  • The details must match the payment method on your account.
  • For bank cards, make sure to show only the first 6 and last 4 digits, for example: “1234 56** **** 7891”.
  • Ensure the name, card issue date and expiry date (which cannot be exceeded), and the name of the bank are clearly visible.
  • Do not send a copy of the back of your credit card.
  • For a Bank Statement, the date of issue cannot exceed 6 months and it must be printed on the bank’s Letterhead, showing the IBAN/Account Number’s last six digits. All other digits should be covered, to protect your account’s security. 

View our Document Guidelines

Verifying your Source of Wealth

A new requirement that we need to abide by is asking you how the money you deposited to your Run It Once Poker account has been generated. Even without any actual suspicion, we are obliged to verify that transactions to and from Run It Once Poker (even cumulative transactions over time) are derived from legitimate funds. The request for documents which evidence source of wealth can happen at different stages of our relationship with any given player.

We understand that requests regarding the source of money before it is deposited to the account can feel intrusive, however our intention is not to pry on the details of someone’s financials. This falls within our ethical obligations when it comes to Responsible Gambling by making sure that players gamble within their means, and in turn ensuring our players’ affordability when using their Run It Once Poker account. Apart from being legally obliged, it is also within our own interest to ensure that the deposits originate from legitimate income or wealth, to protect ourselves from anyone trying to use our services for money-laundering or criminal activity.

There are many ways how this verification can be achieved. Since this is based on how a person has accrued their wealth, each person would need to provide documents based on their own circumstances. Please find below some documents which would satisfy this requirement in each scenario:

  • Funds generated from employment: a recent pay-slip or a work contract which can prove that a steady income is earned. If you could explain to us where they came from and indicate the transaction we need to look at, that would be helpful.
  • Profits from sale of property/company: Contract of sale and bank statement showing inflow of proceeds.
  • Shares or dividends: Share or dividend certificates. Alternatively, a recent audited Annual Report or Financial Statements of the company from where the shares or dividends are earned.
  • Inherited money: A final will which shows that the funds have been passed on to the inheritors. Added to this, a bank statement which shows the inflow of the funds into a bank account under the same name as the Run It Once Poker account holder.
  • Donation/Gift: A deed of donation or gift bearing a witness’s signature as well as the donor’s source of wealth.
  • Money won from poker/lottery/betting/casino: A certificate of the win or a bank statement showing the inflow from the service provider. Alternatively, for live tournaments we can accept a published list of winners.
  • Retirement Income: Pension Statement. Otherwise a Bank Statement showing the inflow of the most recent pension with the name of the provider will do.
  • Divorce Settlement: A copy of the original court order showing the value of the funds in question.
  • Savings in bank: A Bank Statement from the last six (6) months showing that the savings retained remained on average the same, or that the amount has increased over the 6 months.

If none of the above fits how your worth has been generated, we will endeavour to find an alternative which both satisfies our legal requirements and seeks to make the process simpler for you.

View our Document Guidelines

How to ensure my documents meet the requirements?

There are certain requirements for each kind of document you aim to send to us.

View our document guidelines here

How can I verify my email address?

In order to activate your Run It Once Poker account, you need to verify your email address. Before doing so, you will not be able to do anything apart from logging in to your account.

1. After you created your account, a verification link was sent to the email address you entered.

Please note that the link is valid for 24 hours only and it expires after this time. If you have not verified your email address within this time frame, please log in to your account and click on the pop up requesting to verify your email address. You will then be able to request a new verification link.

2. If you have not received the verification link, please check that you have entered the correct email address without any typos.

To update your email address, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on your username in the main lobby.
  2. Select ‘Account’ > ‘Personal Info’.
  3. Click on the edit icon next to ‘Email’.
  4. Enter the new email address.
  5. Click on ‘Save’.
  6. Verify your email address using the link sent to your new email address.

3. If you registered the correct email address but have not received the verification link, please check your spam/junk mail folder.

For further assistance, please contact [email protected].

What document formats are accepted?

As long as the documents you send are valid, clear, legible and uncropped, they should be fine. We accept JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP and DOC formats.