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Verifying Your Account (Players in Great Britain)

How can I verify my account?

In our endeavour to satisfy LCCP regulations while making it a smooth on-boarding process for our players, we have a verification procedure specific to players in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).

Once a British player signs up with us, they will be taken through the following process.

  1. An email verification link will be sent to the email address registered on the account. 
  2. Upon following that link, an identity verification browser window will pop up. 
  3. The window will first ask for the postcode registered to the account and then for the rest of the address details in the second drop-down menu.
  4. Our system will attempt to verify these details.
  5. If the check is successful, deposits and gameplay will be allowed.
  6. Should the check fail, the player will be requested to send the following to [email protected]:

a. Proof of your identity
A valid copy of the below government issued identification documents:
i. Passport (including Diplomatic Passports);
ii. Government Issued Identity Card (both sides);
iii. Driving License; or
iv. Residence/Work Permit (not temporary or a refugee permit).

View our requirements for sending proof of your identity
  • The document must be in your name and must match the information on your account. If there is a discrepancy, we will need further explanation.

View our Document Guidelines

b. Proof of your residential address
A photo or a scan of a document received at home, showing Name and Surname, Address, Date of Issue and on the Issuer’s Letterhead:
i. Utility Bill (gas, water, electricity or internet) or letter from Utility Company;
ii. Bank Statement/ letter;
iii. Letter from Government Entity/Public/Regional/State Authority;
iv. Insurance Statement/Letter;
v. Bill/Statement/Letter from Hospital or Clinic;
vi. Council Tax Bill (UK residents only); or
vii. Certificate of Residence (where applicable).

View our requirements for sending proof of your identity
  • Date of issue cannot exceed 6 months.
  • Your name must clearly be identified as the addressee or one of the addressees of the document.
  • Documents provided must not be generic ‘junk mail’ material such as advertising leaflets, brochures, etc.
  • If you want to use a Bank Statement, it must be printed on the bank’s Letterhead, showing the IBAN/Account Number’s last six digits. All other digits should be covered, to protect your account’s security.

View our Document Guidelines

We also reserve the right to request proof of identity and proof of address even if the player has passed initial verification since this is only relevant to the on-boarding process. It does not fulfil our legal obligations when it comes to anti-money laundering practice and combating the financing of terrorism.

Additional documents that may be required

In any case, we reserve the right to request further documentation to verify your payment method and the source of your wealth at any point.

Find further details on what is needed here.

Why the verification process is different for players in Great Britain

The License Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) of the Gambling Commission are constantly being updated to echo change and progress within the gaming industry and moreover improving on their promotion of responsible gambling. The Gambling Commission, which is the regulating arm of the Gambling Act of 2005 uses these conditions to govern all service providers within the gaming sector which are licensed to operate in Great Britain.

As Great Britain is one of the many jurisdictions that Run It Once Poker is licensed to operate in, we are also legally bound to follow the conditions as set out by the Gambling Commission through the LCCP. One of the terms which we are obliged to follow has to do with the verification of our players. View the updates here, effective 7th May 2019.

Before the update, remote operators were obliged to verify the new player’s age within 72 hours of them registering a new account. However, this has been done away with to further prevent underage gambling. The requirements now dictate that before a player can deposit or gamble real money, we are to verify their age, identity and address. Therefore, no money can be deposited, nor is the player allowed to play with us until their name, date of birth and address (as a minimum) are verified. 

What system is used to attempt verification at account creation stage?

The system used is GBG ID3global. It cross-checks the details used to create your account with us with data sources which include electoral roll, credit header data, landline telephone directory and national ID register, whilst remaining GDPR-compliant. The credit header check will leave a ‘soft footprint’ on a player’s credit file. This is done simply to inform the player that a check has been conducted to look for active lines of credit but does not negatively impact a customer’s credit file as it is not a credit check in the traditional sense. It only seeks to find a positive match with the name, date of birth and address in the player’s account.