Our Tables

We hope that playing at Run It Once Poker is a great experience for all players. To make this happen we’ve added several on-table options and features to keep playing poker fun.

Table Talk

Run It Once Poker introduces a unique way to quickly express yourself to other players at the table. Simply click the chat bubble next to your avatar and choose from a variety of quick-chat options and emojis to express yourself at the tables.

Bet Slider

Our Bet Slider allows you to set up and execute betting actions at any Run It Once Poker table. You can either drag the bar, scroll your mouse wheel, click in the bet box and type your bet size, or click the bet sizing shortcuts above the bet slider.

The bet sizing shortcuts are for both pre-flop and post-flop decisions. They allow you to quickly size your bet to a predefined amount. Customising the values of these bet sizing shortcuts, as well as other slider adjustments are available in the Settings menu.

Player Notes and Marking

In addition to the information presented via our Dynamic Avatars, Run It Once Poker also allows you to take notes on your opponent. Simply double click on a player at your table, or assign a colour to the player via the context menu.

Time to Act

For each action within a hand, you will have 15 seconds of time to act on your decision, shown as a decreasing bar below your avatar’s nameplate.

If you take longer than this and have voluntarily put money in the pot during the hand, you will automatically begin using extra time from your “timebank”. This is an extra period of time that does not refresh every hand. After sitting at a table you will have 30 seconds of starting timebank, which will be topped up by 10 additional seconds after every 30 hands dealt, up to a maximum of 120 seconds. If you wish to engage the timebank and have not put money in the pot that hand, simply click the timebank icon.

Responsible Gaming Alert

After each hour of game time an alert will show to remind you how long you have been playing and how much you have spent in buy-ins. This reminder is to help players be aware of how much time they spend playing to ensure they play responsibly.  For more information see Responsible Gaming Limits page.


How long do notes/markings last?

Notes will persist for as long as that player is at the table and if they leave and rejoin a table within a period of 4 hours.

Why can't I type a message to other players?

There is no traditional chat service on Run It Once poker.

First and foremost this is for game security. Chat options on most poker sites show history of the hand, which can be used to scrape information for bots and other predatory softwares.

Second this policy is to protect players from abusive messaging and also encourages a friendly and fun atmosphere at the tables by creating a simple system that we believe will be more widely used by players.