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Release Notes (January 16)

Today’s software update includes a large number of bug fixes, backend improvements, and changes that should result in smoother gameplay experience.

User Experience Improvements

  • The Big Splash: Values of Splash the Pot equal to or over 100 Big Blinds are awarded via a risk-free ”all-in flip”, so players no longer have to wager their stack to win large splashes. More info on Big Splash.
  • Faster dealing and shorter time between hands
  • Improved speed of showdowns
  • Larger table and card visuals

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue of betting chips being displayed out of proportion.
  • Fixed issue of being unable to minimise tables on MacOS.
  • Fixed issue of players from Germany being unable to sign up using their correct German state.
  • “Net” Value in hand history viewer now displays correctly.
  • Fixed issue of the STP value label sometimes appearing as “0.00”

Other Changes

  • Added “Highlight bet amount” hotkey action
  • Added “Do not steal focus” option to multi-table settings
  • Added automatic updater functionality for MacOS
  • Improved automatic updater speed for Windows and MacOS

Report an Issue

We have a page dedicated to our known issues. If you experienced an issue in our software, it would really help us if you report it here: