Dynamic Avatars

Our Dynamic Avatars system allows you to see at a glance how your opponents have been playing.

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How It Works

Every player that is active on any of our poker tables is randomly assigned a visual on-table character known as a Dynamic Avatar. While playing, you will notice that the avatar’s expression will change. This is not by accident! These facial expressions will change according to the poker actions of that player and are helpful hints for you to make a ‘read’ on your opponents, as well as how they see you!

For example if a player has folded for many hands in a row they’ll look like they’re falling asleep, if they’ve played every pot you may see them laughing deliriously.

Curious in seeing the statistics behind the expressions? Check out our Hero IQ, our newly implemented in-game HUD!

Expression Statistics

The Dynamic Avatar expressions are formed by tracking pre-flop gameplay statistics, which can now be viewed at the tables by turning on our HeroIQ:

  • VPIP (Voluntarily Put money In Pot): The percentage of the time that a player voluntarily contributed money to the pot, given they had the opportunity to do so.
  • PFR (Preflop Raise): The percentage of the time that a player put in any raise preflop, given they had the opportunity to do so.
  • 3Bet: The percentage of the time a player “3Bet” (re-raised facing another players raise) preflop given they had the opportunity to do so.

These statistics are then used to produce the following expressions:

Name No Limit Holdem Pot Limit Omaha

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Default expression for first 10 Hands at the table. Default expression for first 10 Hands at the table.
Tight Passive

VPIP 20% – 30%
PFR <15%
VPIP 25% – 40%
PFR <15%

Loose Passive

VPIP: 30 – 45%,

PFR  < 20%,
& 3Bet < 15%

VPIP: 40% – 60%,

PFR  < 20%,
& 3Bet < 10%

V Loose Passive VPIP > 45%,

PFR  < 25%,
& 3 Bet < 15%

 VPIP > 60%,

PFR  < 35%,
& 3 Bet < 20%

Tight Aggressive VPIP: 20 – 30%,

PFR  > 15%

VPIP: 25 – 40%,

PFR  > 15%

Loose Aggressive VPIP: 30 – 45%

& Either
PFR  > 20%
OR 3Bet > 10%

VPIP: 40 – 60%

& Either
PFR  > 20%
OR 3Bet > 10%

V Loose Aggressive VPIP > 45%

& Either
PFR  > 25%
OR 3Bet > 15%

VPIP > 60%

& Either
PFR  > 35%
OR 3Bet > 20%

Very Tight

VPIP < 20%  VPIP < 25%
How do I change my Avatar?

When you join your first table on Run It Once poker, you will be able to choose your avatar. If you wish to switch this at a later time, simply navigate to the “Account” menu in the top left of the lobby by clicking your account name, then avatar selection will be at the bottom of the menu within the “Dashboard” tab.

How long does my avatar last to opponents after I leave the table?

For every table you join, players are randomly assigned an avatar and a table alias. These avatars and names will persist for a given player for as long as they are at the table, and will continue if the player leaves and rejoins within a 4 hour time period.

How long before expressions appear?

Avatar expressions will appear after you have observed 10 hands from a particular player.

The expressions change too fast!

As part of our policy to protect the identity of players, the software only tracks data from hands you’ve played at that table on a per-session basis. This means that when expressions first start appearing for you and your opponents, the statistics used for them have a very small sample of hands to use.

This can mean in the short term that expressions can change often, but shall vary less and less over time. This is much like at a real poker table where you may think an opponent was playing quite tight after a few hands, but turn out to be a maniac later in the session!