Table Alias and Anonymity

At Run It Once we value protecting all players. That’s why every player on Run It Once poker is anonymous to other players at the table.

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Table Alias

When you are seated at a cash game table your personal username will not be shown to other players. Instead you will be randomly assigned a first name and initial. This is your Table Alias. Similarly you will not see other players usernames, but a table alias.

These table aliases will match up with the gender of the Dynamic Avatars.

How long does my Table Alias last?

Your table alias will expire after having left a table for more than 4 hours. If you were to rejoin a table that you were previously playing within four hours, you will appear to players at that table with the same Table Alias and Dynamic Avatar, including expression statistics seen in our Hero IQ, our built-in HUD.

Do I see the same avatars/aliases across multiple tables?

No. You will appear as a separate random avatar/alias to opponents if you and your opponent are playing together at a different table.

Will names also be anonymous in hand histories?

Hand histories will include the table alias of your opponents, but will include your own screen name.