1. Run It Once Poker Operations

Run It Once Poker Operations

Run It Once Poker will begin shutting down operations on January 3, 2022, as detailed in Phil’s latest post. We assume you have some questions and hope to address many of them below!

When do games end?

  • Games cannot be joined after 2am CET on January 3rd.
  • Ongoing games, if any, will be stopped at 10am CET on January 3rd 1

How do I get my funds?

Players will be able to log into the client, which is still available to download and install, and request withdrawals through the cashier until 23:59 CET on April 3rd. 

After that time, remaining balances of players in Great Britain will be donated to charity. Arrangements for remaining balances of players outside of Great Britain will be posted at a later time. We’d encourage all players to request their withdrawals as soon as possible.

Please see the Make a withdrawal page if you’d like more details on withdrawing from Run It Once. 

What happens with my rewards?

All credits will be made by the end of January 4th. Here is how we’ll handle promotional payments:

Legends: For the week ending on January 2nd (and any play on January 3rd), all players will receive 45% rakeback in lieu of Legends rewards.

Deposit Bonus: All started, but incomplete, installments will be fully credited to player accounts.

leadRboards: Credits for the week ending on January 2nd will be made by end of January 4th. No leadRboards will run on January 3rd.

What happens to my personal information?

After your account has been closed, we will only keep your personal data for as long as is required to settle any outstanding player balances owed to you and to comply with our regulatory obligations. After this period, we will delete your personal data (or anonymise your personal data so it is no longer possible to personally identify you from it).

If you have any questions regarding our use of your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected].

I still have some questions here

No problem! If you need to discuss withdrawal arrangements or have any additional questions, please email us at [email protected]


For us to handle your email effectively, please send us an email from the email account that is registered to your Run It Once Poker account

As outlined above, processing of withdrawals will cease after 23:59 CET on April 3rd. We encourage players to get in touch as soon as possible if they encounter any problems with the client, or if they expect issues with their payment methods. We’d like to have as much time as possible to help you solve them. 2

[1] any hands in progress will be handled in accordance with section 6.5 of our Terms & Conditions.

[2] In case of complaints and disputes, all procedures outlined in section 20 of the Terms & Conditions still apply.