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Updating to the latest version

If on Windows, when a new version of our software is available, the app should automatically update upon launch.

If on mac, you will be prompted by our app “Update Required – Download the latest update”.

Prompt seen in the app when a new version is available.

The prompt should link you to our download page, or you can download the latest version here.

Before installing the new version – you need to close the older version that you have running.

Having problems on your Windows PC?

Some users may experience an issue where they see the following prompt when installing the new version.

Prompt seen by some users, which stops the installation of the new version.

To overcome the problem, we suggest you follow these steps:

  1. Close the old version of the app.

    To ensure you have closed all ‘Run It Once Poker’ tasks, go to your Windows Task Manager. If you do find any ‘Run It Once Poker’ tasks running, use “End task” to close the application.
  2. Then, run the new version – download the latest version here.

If this does not work, please restart your PC and try again.

If problems persist, please contact us at [email protected].