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Tips for when you send us documents

Never send your full credit card details to us
We would never ask you and you should never send your full credit card number or three-digit card security code via email.

To protect the security of your data when sending us your credit card, make sure that only the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card number are visible. Please also ensure that your name, the expiration date and the numbers as written above are clearly visible. Please do not send a copy of the back of your credit card.

Scanning or taking a photograph of your documents 

  • A clear scanned or digital photo of your government-issued photo ID (identity card/passport/driver’s licence) and
  • A clear scanned or digital photo of your utility bill as proof of address.

The proof of address needs to be not more than 3 months old and can be a copy of a water bill, electricity bill or a bank statement, for example.

Sending us your documents
Please send clear photographs or scanned copies of your documents to [email protected].

What document formats are accepted?
As long as the documents you send are valid, clear, legible and uncropped, they should be fine. We accept JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP and DOC formats.

What happens if there are issues with the documents that you send us?
If there are any issues with the documents you send us, you will be contacted through email and advised accordingly.