The Pot

The Pot is the amount of money that a player stands to win at the conclusion of the hand.

At the end of a hand the pot is awarded to the player or players who won the hand, either by all other players folding, or by having the highest ranking hand at showdown.

Pot Size

At any of our tables, the full amount of the pot including all current bets is always displayed numerically at the top of the table throughout the entire hand.

At the end of every street of betting, all bets from that hand are collected in the middle of the table, and converted into higher denomination chips so you can easily see the pot’s total value. This pot is also labelled.

Split Pots

If multiple winning players in a pot have equal ranking winning hands at showdown, the pot is divided equally between them, down to the nearest cent.

Extra Cents in Split Pots

The extra cents are distributed to the players in turn clockwise, beginning with the player closest to the left of the dealer button.

Side Pots

A side pot occurs when there are at least 3 players remaining in a hand, where one player is all-in and has less chips than the remaining 2 players. A side pot is created so that the remaining 2 players may continue to bet between themselves, if they desire, on the remaining streets.