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Reporting an application crash

Application crashes are taken care of with high priority, and are important to be solved to ensure stability and smooth gameplay for our players. In order to be able to solve such issues, it is important that should this happen to you, help us by providing us with specially created files by our application which gives us some added visibility to what caused the crash.

Retrieving Crash files

Windows Platform

  1. Depending on your Windows version, open either My Computer or This PC
  2. Double click Local Drive → Users → Your user account → App Data → Local → Run It Once Poker.
  3. Select all files within this folder with the extension .dmp, and the folder logs. 1
  4. Right click and select Zip files.
  5. Go back to My Computer, click on your Local Drive, then Program Files, and find your installation directory. By default this should be Run It Once Poker.
  6. Select all files with the extension .dmp, right click and select Zip files
  7. Send us the two new zip files you have just created.

1 Should you not be able to see the folder AppData, please change the folder option accordingly to make it visible. Click the View tab in any folder window and check the Hidden items box.


  1. Open Finder
  2. From the window menu, click on Go → Go to Folder
  3. Type in: ~/Library/Application Support/Run It Once Poker/
  4. Select all files with extension .dmp and the logs folder. 2
  5. Right click on the selection and choose Compress items.
  6. Send us the newly created zip file.

2 If you are not able to see the files, you need to show hidden files. To do this, use the following keyboard shortcut: CMD + SHIFT + .