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Release Notes (May 29)

Today’s software update includes a number of infrastructural changes that will improve performance, stability, and how quickly we can develop moving forward.

In addition to that, you may also notice the following:

Gameplay Changes

  • Bet slider and input box usability improvements.
  • Splash the Pot chips no longer count towards the maximum bet size in Pot Limit Omaha.

Interface Changes

  • Changed default visuals for card and table assets.
  • Added options for table backgrounds:
    • 3 options each for light and dark backgrounds.
  • Added new visuals and animations for Splash the Pot, depending on the size of the splash.
  • Added new hover and click visuals for bet buttons.
  • Split and side pots now animate correctly.
  • Improved positioning of bet labels.
  • Improved colour marking and visibility of avatars.
  • Improved interaction cursors for interactive lobby elements.

Bug Fixes

  • A number of optimisations for improved performance.
  • Fixed issue where there were no female avatars/table aliases for opponents.
  • A number of fixes for the notification bar.
  • Issue that resulted in players being unable to sit back will occur significantly less frequently.
  • Various fixes related to the speed of board cards and showdowns.
  • Splash The Pot now appears in hand histories.
  • Fixed visual bug where table chat messages would show off screen.
  • Further improvements made to the In-Play balance section of the cashier.
  • Improved disconnection/reconnection functionality.
  • Fixed issue where alert sounds were playing for opponent actions in certain scenarios.
  • Improvements to the installer and uninstaller.
  • Resetting account passwords now functions correctly.

Other Changes

  • paysafecard added as a payment option for players in select countries.
  • Improved sign-up experience.
  • Global Settings menu improvements.
  • Added an automatic updater.

We have a page dedicated to our known issues. If you experienced an issue in our software, it would really help us if you report it here: