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Release Notes (March 24, 2020)

Today’s software update focuses on backend enhancements that should result in increased stability along with improved performance during login and seating.

Platform Improvements:

  • Introducing the Hand Replayer (Beta)
    • The Hand Replayer may be accessed via the Play icon in the top left of the table, next to the Prev. #12345 Hand History Viewer link
  • Improved end-of-hand pot award animation: Chips remain briefly in front of the winning player to more clearly show the winner(s) of the hand
  • Improved readability of 4-figure player stacks and bet amounts
  • Players at the table but not dealt into a Big Splash hand will be shown as “Observing”
  • Various server-side optimizations aimed at improving Buy-In and Re-Buy speed
  • Minor performance improvements


  • Added multi-currency support for EcoPayz

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of sounds/alerts playing inconsistently on MacOS
  • Fixed a visual issue that would prevent players from seeing all opponents’ cards during a Big Splash in PLO
  • Fixed a visual issue that would sometimes cause the player’s bet/raise label to obscure the main pot label.

Report an Issue

If you experienced an issue in our software, it would really help us if you report it here: