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Release Notes (Feb. 21)

Today’s software update includes a number of data and flexibility improvements on our end which you won’t see, as well as the following updates which you may:

Bet Slider Fixes

  • The bug which caused a users bet-slider to reset itself to a minimum bet or raise will occur significantly less frequently or not at all.
  • Preset betting buttons no longer become inactive after moving the bet slider.

In-Play Balance

The In-Play Balance section of the cashier will properly update.

Several Minor Interface Updates

  • Font size increase and spacing adjustments for stack sizes and player names
  • Font size increase for bet-size text
  • Increase in contrast for bet-size text
  • Font size increase for preset bet-size buttons
  • Other minor font adjustments
  • Increased visual distinction for high denomination Splash The Pot chips
  • Felt Updated to include “RUNITONCE.EU”

Stability and Performance Improvements

Over a dozen individual performance and stability optimizations have been made. The effect of these improvements on the group of users who have run into lag, disconnection, or crashing issues could range from unnoticeable to very big, depending on a number of factors. We’ll learn more soon, and we’ll continue to optimize and stabilize the client over time.

Report an Issue

We have a page dedicated to our known issues. If you experienced an issue in our software, it would really help us if you report it here: