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Release Notes (August 05, 2020)

Platform Improvements:

  • Introducing a Window Layout Management System
    • Improved Tile/Stack/Cascade functionality
    • Introducing Custom Layouts and a “Remember Layout” option
    • Created a dedicated Table Layouts table menu
  • Introducing an All-In Equity display
  • Introducing our new and improved on-table HUD: Hero IQ
  • Introducing an option to display stack and bet values in Big Blinds
  • Introducing the “Optimise Performance” mode, enabling better performance on lower-end systems
  • Improved the Manual Rebuy user experience after losing an all-in
    • After losing their stack, players are given up to five seconds to re-buy before the next hand starts
  • Reworked display of bet/raise chip stacks on the table
    • Consecutive raises now appear as adjacent stacks of chips
    • Fixed an issue that lead to inconsistent chips stacking order in some scenarios
  • Reworked Notes and Colour Tagging system
  • Reworked Table Chat menu
    • New text and emoji options
  • Changed Timebank default duration from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Several client and server performance improvements


  • Adding support for multi-currency withdrawals
  • Moved the Transactions History report to the Cashier
    • Players can view their history directly in the Cashier or choose to download it

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual issue causing players’ Bonus Progress dashboard to stop updating towards the end of a bonus
  • Fixed a bug related to the Daily Loss Limit that sometimes resulted in players being kept from playing erroneously
  • Fixed a minor issue related to the display of the pot value when moving onto the next betting street
  • Fixed a bug where automatic HH downloads always go into default folder
  • App launch issue (Mac Only)

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