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Release Notes (August 22)

Along with the highly-requested resizable tables, today’s update includes a number of player experience and technical improvements.

Table Resizing

  • Players now have the ability to resize tables.
  • Tile table layout option dynamically resizes tables based on players’ primary monitor display size.
  • An “Apply Size to All Tables” option has been added.

Hotkey Improvements

  • Mouse buttons are now available to be used as hotkeys.
  • Check/Fold hotkey has been added.
  • Custom bet and raise hotkeys now allow for values containing up to two decimal places.
  • Pre-action buttons now work with their respective hotkey actions.

Other Improvements

  • Change made to “Players” count in the lobby: if no tables are running at a given stake, this number will only read the unique player count, instead of all waitlist entries.
  • The lobby will automatically restore from minimized after a player’s last table is closed.
  • Timebank now always automatically enables when players’ Time To Act expires.
  • Updated to new chip assets that scale with table sizes.
  • Improvements made to seating logic to prevent a situation where some players weren’t seated when tables started. 
  • Various performance and stability improvements made, particularly in poor internet connection scenarios.

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