Policy Highlights

Here are just some of the policies we have in place that protect our players:

  • Auto-Seating
    Get seated quickly, easily, and fairly- puts a stop to the predatory behaviour of players deliberately targeting certain opponents, and eliminates seat scripting.
  • Dynamic Avatars
    Quickly see how your opponents have been playing – part of our policy to create a level-playing field, by giving all players basic visual statistical information.
  • HeroIQ Built-in HUD
    Get some basic and fair data on your opponents, to help you read their playing style.
  • Table Cap
    Creating a level playing field- Limit the chance a new player is placed at a table with winning players by limiting the number of tables players can play, to the detriment of our profits.
  • Fixed 100bb buy-in
    Quick and easy buy-ins- Helps create a level playing field by preventing players exploiting different stack sizes at the table. Just relax, and play.
  • Table Alias
    Anonymous identities for fair games- Keeps player identities anonymous to stop predatory behaviour, and further combats the use of disallowed HUDs.
    • Table Talk
      • A fun, straightforward chat system for sharing your emotions at the table- Eliminating dealer chat makes the chat system more fun, and less abusive.
    • Splash The Pot
      • Rakeback dropped straight on to all tables- A rewards system that treats all players fairly, and keeps the game fresh to deter the use of bots.
  • Sensible rake
    • Pricing with the players in mind- We aim for it to be possible to win money in the long run through our game offerings, our rake structure, and our rewards.