Known Issues (BETA only)

As you would expect with any software in beta, we still have some kinks to work out. Here are a few known issues we’d like you to be aware of before you play.

Recent Update Release Notes (Feb. 21)

Sit Back In

The sit back in button is sometimes not available after timing out. If you don’t see a button that says “I’m Back,” please close the table and join the pool again.

Sign up Issues

  1. If your city contains more than one word, please enter just the first word. Sign-up of new accounts fails when the “City” field has two or more spaces. “Frankfurt am Main” or “Newcastle upon Tyne” fail – but “Frankfurt Main” works.
  2. Your username should not contain special characters and should not exceed 18 characters.
  3. Your password should have 8 or more characters, upper and lower case letters, and at least one number. It should not contain special characters and should not exceed 20 characters. Account Verification – Please note, confirmation emails may not arrive immediately and can take several minutes. If you have completed the verification and you’re still having troubles please contact support.
  4. If you are from United Kingdom – you currently need to find the country that you reside, such as Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland

Features not Currently Available

  1. Table resizing
  2. Table stacking and tiling
  3. Hand history downloads are temporarily disabled.


Currently, Hotkeys are not functioning correctly and we kindly request that you leave them disabled for now.


  1. Certain alerts play for all players when they should only play for the active player.
  2. On Mac, the alert to notify that the action is on you may not play consistently.


Some settings changes are only applied after (re-)joining tables.

Visual Issues

  1. Showdown time is too short in certain situations
  2. The modal to manually add money to the table can end up behind the table window
  3. Chip visuals aren’t displayed correctly in certain situations, particularly in split and side pots
  4. Face-down hole cards are shown on hover in certain circumstances when joining a new table
  5. On Mac OS, a table may unexpectedly resize to full screen.

Uninstaller Issues

When uninstalling the new client, sometimes there is an issue and the uninstaller crashes. If this occurs, please try uninstalling the client again.

Bet Slider

  1. On rare occasions the following events can cause the bet slider to reset to the minimum value possible::
    1. A new player joining the table
    2. The timebank manually or automatically engaging
    3. A previously sitting out player sits back in


“Wait for BB” option does not always work and might have the player post a big blind before being in the big blind position.


Currently, all opponent’s avatars and screen names are male.

Report an Issue

If you have experienced an issue in our software, it would really help us if you report it here: