Known Issues (BETA only)

As you would expect with any software in beta, we still have some kinks to work out. Here are a few known issues we’d like you to be aware of before you play.

Release Notes

Sit Back In

On rare occasions, sitting in and manual rebuy controls may be greyed out and not functional for a player session. Logging out and logging back in should resolve the issue.

Sign up Issues

  • If your city contains more than one word, please enter just the first word. Sign-up of new accounts fails when the “City” field has two or more spaces. “Frankfurt am Main” or “Newcastle upon Tyne” fail – but “Frankfurt Main” works.
  • Your username should not contain special characters and should not exceed 18 characters.
  • Your password should have 8 or more characters, upper and lower case letters, and at least one number. It should not contain special characters and should not exceed 20 characters.
  • Account Verification – Please note, confirmation emails may not arrive immediately and can take several minutes. If you have completed the verification and you’re still having troubles please email support: [email protected].
  • If you are from United Kingdom – you currently need to find the country that you reside in, such as Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland


  • At times, there may be an issue with community cards not being displayed correctly when moving between hands quickly.
  • Currently, no chips are being displayed for the end-of-hand view indicating the winning player.

Visual Issues

  • The modal to manually add money to the table can end up behind the table window.
  • Various visual bugs when joining a table mid-hand. These will be fixed at the start of the next hand.
  • Betting chip stacking order aren’t consistent in some scenarios.

Hand History

  • Big Splash hands are not shown in the HH Viewer nor HH downloads.
  • Automatic HH download files are saved in the default folder, regardless of which folder is set by the user:
    • The default folder is C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Run It Once Poker\hand_histories


At times, the next hand may start without allowing players adequate time to process a manual rebuy, causing them to sit out. Enabling auto-rebuys will fix this issue.


  • The dashboard may not accurately reflect bonus status, although bonuses are being tracked and rewarded correctly.
  • It may say users are eligible for the Welcome Bonus when they aren’t.

App Launch Issue (Mac Only)

Anyone launching a previous release of the application on a Mac will experience a freeze. The issue and fix can be found on the following page: App Launch Issue (Mac Only)

Report an Issue

If you have experienced an issue in our software, it would really help us if you report it here: