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How we handle your funds

All games on Run It Once Poker are played using real money. When you first make a deposit within your player account, the company opens a ’real money account’ for you.

Protecting your money:

We take the responsibility of being entrusted with your funds extremely seriously, and have taken a number of steps to ensure that any money you deposit and win with us remains protected in the eventuality that our business runs into financial troubles. This was done in accordance with our regulatory requirements and the laws of Malta, where we are incorporated.

All amounts transferred to such accounts are held by the company in separate banking accounts on your behalf free of cost and interest, and form a distinct patrimony. This is a legal term which means that player funds are not considered to be part of the assets and revenue of the business, and are not associated with such. All banking accounts are held in our name and managed by us, under the oversight of Regulators who require us to report to them about the state of player funds from time to time.

In case of bankruptcy and/or liquidation of the company, all funds held by us on your behalf are protected from any claims our creditors might make, in accordance with the Laws of Malta. This basically means that none of our creditors shall have the right to claim payment from player funds, or seize them in any way. Similarly, we would not be able to use such funds to satisfy our debts.

We will inform you with any changes we make to this set-up by means of an update to the General Terms and Conditions, which you would be requested to accept.

Notice for GB players:

The Gambling Commission requires operators to inform players about the level of protection they offer for their funds. This is done in accordance to a set of criteria which can be found here. We have determined that the measures we’ve taken (as explained above and within our General Terms and Conditions) constitutes a Medium level of protection. You must certify that you have read and understood this information by accepting the General Terms and Conditions prior to making your first deposit.

Good to know:

You may neither treat Run It Once Poker as a financial institution nor expect interest in any way or form. We do not, under any circumstances, offer credit services.