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Discuss on Discord

Discord is a free chat platform mainly used by online gamers. It has over 150 million users and is very popular among the gamer crowd.

We think its a great place for the Run It Once Poker community to stay up to date, discuss feedback and suggestions and much more. You will have the opportunity to chat with Run It Once employees, our hand-selected power members and other players.

Our Discord Channels

Visit our Discord server here to get started: #welcome

Once on our server, you should find the following channels:

  • #welcome – This is where you get started on our Discord server.
  • #known-issues – This is a list of our known issues
  • #FAQs – This is a list of frequently asked questions.
  • #Announcements – Channel for our team to make announcements
  • #general – Discuss poker realted topics here.
  • #feedback-and-suggestions – Tell us what you think and post your ideas.
  • #hand-histories– Share you fun hands or bad beats.
  • #streamRs – Discuss our streamR promotion

Other ways to get in touch

Customer issues – Contact [email protected] via your registered email.

Report a bug – Please post in our Issue Tracker.

Send us feedback – Please post in our Suggestion box.

Go to: Help Centre home