Disconnection Policy

It is always possible with online services that connection issues occur and Run It Once Poker is no exception.

Player Disconnections

If a player suffers a disconnection due to the player account losing connection to the Run It Once Poker servers, and the servers are operating properly, any tables they have will be timed out as if they were still sat at the table. There is also a Disconnection Timebank of 60 seconds that will trigger, and allow players time to rejoin. Players may only make use of the Disconnection Timebank 3 times per hand.

Server Disconnections

Cash Games

If the Run It Once Poker game session crashes or goes down suddenly, every hand happening at the time of the disconnection/crash is treated as a misdeal, and all players are refunded the money they’ve invested in the pot, regardless of whether they had folded their hand at the time of the crash.

SNG Select

In the event of a server crash:

For SNGs that have more that 1 finishing place paid:

  • Whenever no player has been eliminated, the tournament will be “Rolled Back” and all players will be placed into the state they were in before they registered the tournament, refunded their entire buyin, including rake and secondary prizes, or refunded their tournament ticket.
  • Whenever 1 or more players have been eliminated, but the tournament is not in the money yet (i.e. not enough players have been eliminated such that the next player to be eliminated shall receive a payout), the tournament shall be “Rolled Forward”, where:
    • 50% of the prize pool is distributed evenly among all remaining players.
    • 50% of the prize pool is distributed proportionally according to the number of chips players have. See “Chip Chop” below.
  • If the tournament is in the money, every player is refunded their rake, and the prize pool is divided as such:
    •  Each player receives the minimum prize not yet awarded at the time of cancellation
    • The remainder of the award pool distributed is distributed proportionally according to the chip count (see “chip chop”).

For SNGs that have just 1 finishing place paid, a “Chip-Chop” should be used to refund players:

  • Treat any currently playing hands as a misdeal, reverting all player stack values to the value they had at the beginning of the hand.
  • For each player, estimate their Expected Value (EV) in € via the following method
    • Divide the number of chips that player has in their stack by the total amount of chips in play.
    • Multiply that value by the prize pool to determine the amount to be paid into each players account.
  • Credit that plus any rake paid and glitch prizes (EV) in cash back to their account, regardless of the method used to register.